Sunday, August 5, 2012

Re: NYTimes op-ed: the ethicist weighs in

> Forget Kant.  Ethics has nothing to do with it.  

     Surely you're joking, Mr. Suber.  You gotta love Randy "The Ethicist" 
     Cohen (who doesn't have any credentials as a real philosopher, by the 
     way. Among other things, he originated the "Top Ten List" during his
     stint as one of David Letterman's comic writers).

     I'd read his columns, but didn't know he was a bike advocate. Here's
     a guy who declares "I worship at the shrine of Jeanette Sadik-Khan"
     (referring to the new pedestrian-friendly configuration of Times Square):

     His various pronouncements in this 4-minute video clip are LOL entertaining:

     Cohen gets very annoyed by cyclists riding the wrong way on one-way bike
     lanes, a dangerous practice known as "salmon cycling" (going against the current).
     Meanwhile, financial journalist / blogger Felix Salmon rebuts Cohen, saying
     "he is kidding himself that he's behaving ethically". Both columns are here:

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