Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bike Circulation Plan (2002); follow-up re: "Ethicist" op-ed

Charles Carmalt is currently Philadelphia's Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator,
Board hired him over a decade ago, and the resulting 83-page document, 
"Bicycle Circulation Plan for the Princeton Community" is now online. You
can view it here:

The key chapters to read are probably VIII (Bicycle Improvement Plan) and
IX (Implementation Program), starting on Page 34 of the PDF. Carmalt's report
is teeming with quality ideas and suggestions, a few of which actually have
been implemented. Sadly, other ideas were either deemed unaffordable or
for various reasons, haven't gotten any traction in the intervening years.

The NYT op-ed piece by Randy Cohen generated several letters to the editor,
(TA) evolving from fringe to mainstream.

For more info, TA's director Paul Steely White left his tire marks on YouTube.

NYC's anti-bike viewpoint was prominently displayed in the grocery checkout line.

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