Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Town Topics: letter to the editor re: hospital site (Avalon Bay)

"The proposed development would physically impede connectivity 
between our neighborhoods (Witherspoon/Jackson and Harris/Jefferson) 
— a goal of relatedness that the Witherspoon Corridor Study Group 
spent much time promoting. The Task Force for rezoning the hospital [...]
was adamant that any development should, as a matter of public policy, 
permit public plazas and pedestrian access routes "crossing the site". 
It called the hospital's departure a "unique opportunity" for area renewal 
and re-connection."

Read the entire letter:

Comment: there are various obscure little paths and shortcuts around
town, many of them undocumented. One example is the shortcut
behind the parking garage, connecting Patton to Olden on campus.
With the new Andlinger Center complex, might need to find a Plan B.

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